The NIA announces for the information of the general public that registration
services at the underlisted Special Registration Points shall end on Friday, 29th April
1. Accra Sports Stadium;
2. Kumasi Sports Stadium;
3. Tamale Sports Stadium;
4. Ho Sports Stadium;
5. Sunyani Coronation Park; and
6. Old Catholic Church, Pedu, Cape Coast

The Special Registration Points were established in February 2022 in response to the growing demand from thousands of Ghanaians who thronged NIA’s offices nationwide for the Ghana Card and related services, particularly as the initial deadline of 31st March 2022 for the SIM card re-registration exercise approached. Since the extension of the SIM card re-registration deadline to 31st July 2022,
however, NIA has noted with dismay the dwindling numbers of applicants for the Ghana Card at the said registration points.

  1. NIA entreats the general public to note the following:
    Its two hundred and seventy-six (276) Districts and sixteen (16) Regional Offices, as well as its Premium Registration Centres (NIA and CAL Bank Head Offices), remain open for registration;
  2.  Persons who have registered at the above special registration points except for the Accra Sports Stadium, and have not yet received their cards, may visit the NIA Regional office in the Region where they registered for their cards to be issued to them;
  3.  Applicants who registered at the Accra Sports Stadium, and would not have received their cards before the end of registration, would have these cards issued to them at the El-wak Sports Stadium;
  4. The El-wak Sports Stadium remains a center for cards replacement and records update services.NIA reminds persons who have not yet registered for the Ghana Card to do so ahead of due dates announced by various state agencies regarding their reliance on the Ghana Card for their transactions.


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