Personal Information Update Service

The Update of Personal Information Service enables citizens to correct and update personal information which may have changed since their registration for the Ghana Card. It allows for the correction of incomplete, incorrect, misleading or no longer relevant personal information of a citizen.

It is important to update your personal information to keep information stored in the National Identity Register up-to-date, relevant and dynamic.

The law requires the holder of a Ghana Card to notify NIA, within 30 days of any change of circumstances that affects the personal information of a citizen stored in the National Identity Register, or any error of personal information that concerns that holder. Failure to do so without reasonable cause will result in a fine or a term of imprisonment or both.

Personal Information Update Service

An applicant who wishes to update any personal information he or she provided during the registration for the Ghana Card, will be required to visit an NIA Registration Office with the document(s) which supports the update request.

Personal Information Update Process

At a Registration Office, you will be taken through the following steps:

A Registration Officer reviews the documents supporting your request for update

Step 1

A Registration Officer assists you to complete and sign or mark an electronic request form and submits the form on your behalf for review

Step 2

An Approval Officer reviews your request and supporting documents. You will be informed if your request is approved or declined with reasons.

Step 3

Upon approval, a Registration Officer directs you to make the necessary payment at a CalBank branch or using USSD code *771# or CalBank App or any approved payment platform. Where your update request requires the replacement of your Ghana Card, the Registration Officer shall retrieve your existing Ghana Card from you

Step 4

A Registration Officer captures the serial number and PIN you received after making payment, your biometrics (10 fingerprints, irises and photograph) and your signature onto the National Identity Register

Step 5

A Registration Officer captures the personal information you wish to update onto the National Identity Register and prints out a copy of the captured information, hands it over to you to review, confirm and sign or thumbprint. If you notice that your updated information is inaccurate, draw the attention of the Registration Officer to correct it

Step 6

A Registration Officer prints and issues a new Ghana Card to you. Your Ghana Card will be issued to you using your biometrics

Step 7
About Personal Information Update Service - FAQs
How much does it cost to update my personal information?

The list of fees for Personal Information Update Services can be found at the Fees and Charges Page

Can I request for an update of my personal information without completing a request form?

No. Every update request must be signed or thumb printed by the applicant. If the applicant signed the registration form, he or she will be required to also sign the update request form.

What documents are required for updates?

The type of request determines the document(s) required. E.g. for a request for the change of a name given to an applicant at birth, the applicant must present a Gazette Notification to support the request. You may be required to present other supporting documents in addition to a Gazette Notification. Every request shall be reviewed on a case-by-case basis as different requests require different supporting documents.

Can all update requests be honoured on the same day?

No. Not all requests can be honoured within a day. You will be notified once a decision is taken.