Registration of Ghanaians Living Abroad

Who qualifies to register for a Ghana Card?

All Ghanaian citizens aged zero (0) and above and living in Ghana

All Ghanaians citizens aged zero (0) and above and living outside Ghana

All foreign nationals legally and permanently resident in Ghana

Ghana card, NIA
Registration of Ghanaians Living Abroad
Registration Requirements

Mandatory requirements for Ghana Card registration

A Birth Certificate issued by the Births and Deaths Registry of Ghana; or

A valid Ghana Passport issued by Government of Ghana; or

Evidence of acquired citizenship such as Naturalization or Registration Certificates.

An Oath of Identity form(s) obtained through the vouching process;.

Additional Requirements

Applicants are also required to bring along the following Government-issued identity cards or documents if they possess any of them. Please note that these cards or documents do not determine an applicant’s eligibility for a Ghana Card

View category of persons mandated to vouch for an Applicant

A practising or retired professional teacher (including principals, headmasters & headteachers)

A Gazetted Chief

A practicing or retired Magistrate or Judge

A practicing or retired licensed Professional e.g. doctor, nurse, lawyer, accountant, engineer, architect etc.

A serving or retired civil/public servant.

A serving or retired Clergyman

An Imam

A Catechist

A serving or retired member of the security services including the Ghana Police Service, Ghana Armed Forces, Ghana Prison Service, Ghana Immigration Service, Ghana National Fire Service, NIB, Customs, Excise and Preventive Service of the Ghana Revenue Service and National Security

A current or past Member of Parliament, an Assembly or Unit Committee

Registration Procedure

At a Registration Centre, your mandatory and additional documents will be verified following which a Registration Officer will:

Review the application form you completed online and submitted

Step 1

Capture the personal information on your completed application form onto the National Identity Register (NIR)

Step 2

Capture your biometrics (10 fingerprints, irises and photograph) and your signature onto the National Identity Register

Step 3

Print out a copy of your captured personal information, hand it over to you to review, confirm and sign or thumbprint. If you notice any inaccurate information on the printout, draw the attention of the Registration Officer to correct it

Step 4

Print your Ghana Card and issue it to you using your biometrics

Step 5

Kindly note that first time registration for a Ghana Card for Ghanaians living abroad attracts a fee.  The payment of the fee is made when booking the appointment for the registration interview.

Fees and Charges

For Ghanaians living Abroad

ECOWAS Sub-Region

Cedi equivalent of

USD 55.00

  • Easy Application Process
  • No Queues
  • Secure Payment

Rest of Africa

Cedi equivalent of

USD 75.00

  • Easy Application Process
  • No Queues
  • Secure Payment

Rest of the World

Cedi equivalent of

USD 115.00

  • Easy Application Process
  • No Queues
  • Secure Payment
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