Card Replacement Service

The Ghana Card Replacement Service empowers citizens with the ability to replace their Ghana Cards swiftly at our Regional and Operational District Offices across the country.

Whether you have lost your Ghana Card or it is damaged or defaced, this service ensures you can continue to enjoy the full benefits of using a Ghana Card with a quick replacement service.

Card Replacement Service

An applicant reports the loss, theft or damage of his or her Ghana Card to the nearest Police Station and requests for a police extract. report. An applicant will be required to bring along the following documents:

Police Report or Police Extract

Damaged or Defaced Ghana Card in addition to a Police Extract (this is not a requirement if the applicant's Ghana Card is lost or stolen)

Card Replacement Process

At a Registration Office, you will be taken through the following steps:

a. For lost or stolen cards - a Registration Officer reviews your Police Report

b. For damaged or defaced cards - a Registration Officer reviews your Police Extract and your damaged or defaced Ghana Card

Step 1

A Registration Officer assists you to complete and sign or mark an electronic request form and submits it on your behalf for review

Step 2

An Approval Officer reviews your request and supporting documents and grants the necessary approvals. You will be informed if your request is declined with reasons

Step 3

Upon approval, a Registration Officer directs you to make the necessary payment at a CalBank branch or using USSD code *771# or CalBank App or any approved payment platform and where applicable, retrieves your damaged or defaced Ghana Card from you

Step 4

A Registration Officer captures the serial number and PIN you received after making payment, your biometrics (10 fingerprints, irises and photograph) and your signature onto the National Identity Register

Step 5

A Registration Officer prints and issues a new Ghana Card to you. Your Ghana Card will be issued to you using your biometrics

Step 6
About Card Replacement Service - FAQs
How much does it cost to replace a card?

The list of fees for Card Replacement Services can be found at the Fees and Charges page

Can I request for the replacement of my Ghana Card without completing a request form?

No. Every replacement request must be signed or thumb printed by the applicant. If you signed your registration form, you will be required to also sign the replacement request form.

What document(s) is required for replacement of lost, stolen, damaged or defaced cards?

1. A Police Extract from the Ghana Police Service

2. The damaged or defaced Ghana Card of the applicant (for damaged or defaced cards)

For replacements, are photocopies of police extracts accepted?

No. You must present the original copy of the Police Extract which will be scanned by a Registration Officer into the NIR. The original copy is then given back to you after it has been scanned.