Foreigner Identification Management Systems (FIMS)
About FIMS

Foreigner Identification Management System (FIMS) provides a digital interface to provide foreign nationals permanently resident in Ghana with a one-stop efficient e-government services platform. The system provides foreigners in Ghana with a secure, biometric, ICAO compliant, dual-interfaced smart Non-Citizen Ghana Card to access these services.

The Non-Citizen Identity Card can be applied for by a foreign national who is cumulatively resident in Ghana for at least ninety (90) days.

It is important to note that the following persons are exempted from applying for a Non-Citizen Identity Card:

A foreign national who is a diplomat

A foreign national who is employed by a diplomatic or consular Mission

A foreign national who is employed by the United Nations or an agency of the United Nations

A foreign national who is the spouse or dependant of a diplomat, an employee of the United Nations or its agencies or a diplomatic or consular Mission

Non-Citizen Identity Card
Fees and Charges

First Issuance (per person)

Cedi equivalent of

USD 120.00

Annual Renewal (per person)

Cedi equivalent of

USD 60.00

Card Replacement (per person)

Cedi equivalent of

USD 60.00

Update of Records only (per person)


Foreigner Identification Management Systems
Non-Citizen Identity Card Registration Requirements

Valid Passport

Residence Permit

Birth Certificate certified or validated by the applicant's country's Embassy

An Oath of Identity form(s) obtained through the vouching process. Kindly note that vouching must be before a Commissioner for Oaths.

Registration Process

At a FIMS Registration Centre, your registration documents will be verified following which you will be required to:

Purchase a scratch card at any Cal Bank or Access Bank branch or online using CalBank App or the Cal Bank USSD platform

Step 1

Go through an interview process with a Registration Officer and complete an application form with your biographic information

Step 2

Proceed to a Data Entry Officer to have your biometric information (10 fingerprints, portrait, iris) and signature captured. You will be required to give your FIMS Scratch card and application form to the Data Entry Officer who verifies the PIN on the scratch card and captures the data on the application form into the database

Step 3

Confirm your personal details captured by the Data Entry Clerk. If you notice any inaccurate or incorrect information, draw the attention of the Data Entry Clerk to correct it

Step 4

Collect your Non-Citizen Identity Card from a Card Issuance Desk

Step 5