Identity Verification Services

About Identity Verification Services

Identity Verification Services

The National Identification Authority offers identity verification services to institutions and individuals who use the National Identity Card (Ghana Card) to identify all persons they transact business with, in line with the National Identity Register Regulations, 2012 (Legislative Instrument 2111).

Regulation 7(1) of L.I.2111 on the mandatory uses of the national identity card provides as follows:

(1) A national identity card issued to an individual shall be used for the following transactions where identification is required:
(a) application for and issuance of a passport;
(b) application for and issuance of a driver's licence;
(c) opening of individual or personal bank accounts;
(d) purchase of insurance policies;
(e) purchase, transfer and registration of land by an individual or a connected transaction subject to the provisions of other enactments;
(f) transactions pertaining to individuals in respect of pensions;
(g) transactions specified under the National Health Insurance Scheme;
(h) transactions that have social security implications;
(i) consumer credit transactions;

Onboarding Process

Institution completes and submits a request form to NIA via email at:

Step 1

NIA responds to email and requests for the following documents:

  • Proof of Business Registration Certificate (where applicable)
  • Copy of Business License issued by the Institution’s Regulator
  • Copy of the law(s) permitting the collection of personal data by the Institution
  • Copy of Institution’s valid Data Protection Certification
  • Copy of the Institution’s SSNIT Certificate
  • A summary of the Institution’s business profile
  • A summary of how the Institution intends to incorporate the use of Ghana Cards into its operational processes
  • A summary of the Institution’s data needs and datasets required
Step 2

Institution furnishes NIA with requested documents and information

Step 3

NIA reviews the Institution’s documents and information submitted and schedules a meeting with the Institution to continue discussions on the onboarding process

Step 4

Access to the NIA Identity Verification System is granted after the Institution completes the setup of its technical infrastructure to access data and a contract has been executed between NIA and the Institution for identity verification services

Step 5
Get onboarded onto NIA's Identity Verification System Platform for identity verification and for data harmonization and integration purposes

Kindly complete this Request Form and return it to NIA or via email at