NIA Successfully Completes Scheme of Service Validation Exercise

On Friday 27th October 2023, the National Identification Authority (NIA) successfully completed a 2-day validation exercise of its Scheme of Service (SoS) which was jointly developed with the Public Service Commission (PSC). The Scheme of Service is a comprehensive policy document that outlines HR functions such as recruitment, job classifications, promotion, performance management, training and development and succession management. This validation exercise therefore marks a crucial step in NIA’s commitment to enhancing its workforce and ensuring a fair and competitive remuneration system for its dedicated staff.

This significant milestone was achieved through the collaborative efforts of a dedicated technical committee comprising the Executive Secretary of NIA, Prof. Kenneth Agyemeng Attafuah, a representative of the NIA Governing Board (“the Board “), Prof. Anthony Panin, a commissioner of the PSC, Mr. Michael Adu Darko, two Directors of the Management Services Division (MSD) of the PSC, Mrs. Fati Seidu and Mr. George Ofori, heads of directorates at NIA, and representatives of the Public Service Workers’ Union (PSWU) and Industrial and Commercial Workers’ Union (ICU) of NIA.

The technical committee, led by Prof. Attafuah, worked diligently to ensure that the Scheme of Service aligns with best practices, legal standards, and the unique needs of NIA. This exercise included a meticulous review of job descriptions, grades, duties and responsibilities, qualifications, competencies, skills, experiences required of a prospective job holder and other important aspects of the SoS.

The validated Scheme of Service will be submitted to the NIA Governing Board for review. Following approval from the Board, it will be submitted to the Public Service Commission for review and final endorsement. Once approved, the Scheme of Service will be integrated with other required documents and forwarded to the Fair Wages and Salaries Commission to facilitate NIA’s request for enhancement of remuneration for its staff.

This achievement is a testament to NIA’s commitment to its workforce, ensuring that the organization remains an attractive and rewarding place to work. he NIA leadership expresses gratitude to Prof. Anthony Panin, Board member of NIA, the Commissioner and Directors of the Public Services Commission, and the entire technical committee for their unwavering dedication throughout the validation process.


28th October 2023
Corporate Affairs Directorate

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