NIA Assists In Efforts To Identify Unconscious Patient At 37 Military Hospital

In a public service announcement on Tuesday, 2nd January 2024, the Ghana Armed Forces
(GAF) sought the support of the general public in identifying an unconscious patient receiving
care at the Neuro Ward at the 37 Military Hospital in Accra. The patient, a victim of a tragic
hit-and-run on the Tema Motorway, was sent to the hospital on Monday, 13th November
2023, by a compassionate individual. Despite being in stable condition and receiving
treatment, the hospital has encountered challenges in establishing the patient’s identity or
locating any family members.

Responding promptly to this urgent appeal, Prof Kenneth Agyemang Attafuah, the Executive
Secretary of the National Identification Authority, contacted the Ghana Armed Forces on 3rd
January 2024 with an offer to help identify the patient (provided he had registered for the
Ghana Card).

A technical team from the NIA was subsequently dispatched to the 37 Military Hospital to
verify the patient’s identity using a biometric device. Unfortunately, the patient’s identity could
not be established since he had not registered for the Ghana Card and therefore had no
biometric information in the National Identity Register (NIR).

This situation underscores the critical importance for every Ghanaian to register for their Ghana
Card and their biometrics captured in the NIR. The Ghana Card serves not only as a vital means
for economic and social transactions but also a beacon of hope in instances where swift
identification and verification is warranted. The NIA remains unwavering in its commitment to
serving the public with the highest standards of respect, dignity, integrity, and efficiency.

For further inquiries, please contact NIA via phone numbers 0302999306 – 9 or through mail
4th January 2024
Corporate Affairs Directorate

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