Mr. Richard Aikins

Managment Member

Mr. Richard Aikins

Mr. Richard Aikins, a distinguished network engineer holding CCNA and MCSE certifications along with specialized expertise in NIS Administration, boasts a remarkable 13-year tenure in technology management.

Presently, he holds the esteemed position of Officer-In-Charge within the Technology and Biometrics Directorate. His professional repertoire includes certification as a Fingerprint and Verification Investigator, showcasing his proficiency in digitization capacity building. His competencies span across various domains including network design, NIS system optimization, fingerprint analysis, investigation techniques, and adept project management. Commencing his journey with NIA in 2008 as a field technician during a crucial phase of mass registration, Mr. Aikins demonstrated outstanding capabilities, eventually assuming the role of supervisor for a data centre in 2010. He was appointed as the Officer in charge of the Technology and Biometrics Directorate in March 2023.

Throughout his tenure, Mr. Aikins has been instrumental in elevating system efficiency through the deployment of advanced network solutions, spearheading critical NIS administration projects, and effectively resolving complex verification investigations. Pioneering digitization capacity-building initiatives, he envisions creating a technologically advanced environment aligned with organizational objectives.

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