The GhanaCard(eid)

Features of the Electronic Identity Document (eID)

Your electronic identity as a citizen or foreigner is on the smart card chip. The smart card present in your new National ID card will be dual interface – contact and contactless. Electronic identity documents can be used for many applications including:

  • Proof of identity on the Internet
  • Automated age verification
  • Digital signatures
  • Encryption
  • Physical and Logical access
  • Digital payments
  • Storing Health Insurance information

Authentication/Verification Instructions

The GhanaCard has different levels of security features that enable verification of its genuineness and that prevents duplication. Verification can be done in two ways; offline and online.

Using features of the card to verify that:

  • The card is authentic.
  • The card belongs to the holder (rightful owner).

Offline – No network connectivity required

Online – Involves connectivity with the national database to:

  • Verify the person holding the card.
  • Retrieve and cross-check additional information on the person.