The National Identification Authority (NIA) has noted with grave concern fake messages circulating on various social media platforms, particularly Whatsapp, concerning alleged staff recruitment drive by NIA for its so-called “newly created offices”.

For the avoidance of doubt, the NIA has not created any Regional, Municipal or District offices, neither has it commenced a recruitment process to staff any offices; claims or representations to the contrary by any person or entity whatsoever are false.

Below is an example of the fake messages being circulated:

“Congratulations! You have been selected among those who are going to work for NIA permanently at NIA’s new created offices. Whatsapp 0578671035 for more details. Note: do not share this message to anyone”.

NIA has not sent out any such message, and the attention of the security agencies is being drawn to this and similar fake messages. Accordingly, members of the general public, including current and former staff of NIA, are advised to be wary of social media messages on NIA staff recruitment. NIA will follow appropriate public service guidelines and protocols in any effort to recruit staff for the offices it will create in future.



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