Quick Services

To provide a complete value added integrated multi-sectoral and multipurpose National Identity System through the innovative use and application of information and communication technology to facilitate the social, economic and political development of Ghana, the National Identification Authority delivers immediate and needed services to serve the best interest of citizens and non-citizens, individuals and organizations. Some of our Quick services for individual and organizations include;

Services For Individuals

  • Registration
  • Renewal
  • Update
  • Replacement
  • Personal Information Verification

Services For Organizations

  • Expedited registration
  • Data sharing
  • Identity Verification via Online Validation
  • Signature Verification
  • Biometric Verification
  • Production of identity cards for institutions

NIA only shares data with institutions that meet the data sharing protocols per the Data Protection Act 2012 ( Act 843), National Identity Register Act, 2008 ( Act 750) and the National Identity Register Regulations 2012 (L. I. 2111).