NIA Terminologies

Term Definition
Country/State Republic of Ghana
National ID National Identification Authority
Population Register Database that contains inhabitants’ civil and biometric data including fingerprints and digital photo.
Registration The process of issuing the ID card for individuals after obtaining their biometric and civil data
Preventive Medicine Preventive Medicine departments affiliated with the Ministry of Health or health authorities across UAE.
Biometrics Unique data that differentiate individuals; such as the prints of the palm and fingerprints
Civil data Information specific to each individual; such as name, nationality, and date of birth.
Comprehensive Registration Counter The counter at which the whole registration process is completed and biometrics are captured.
Service/Registration Centers The service centers of the National Identification Authority across country.
Identity Card Number It is not the same as the Personal Identification Number, it is the number of the card, affixed on the right of the backside of the card when printed whether in the Ghana Card Factory or through the decentralized typing system.
Electronic link A project through which National Identification Authority aims to provide services related to the population register to the entities authorized to review or update information on individuals through direct and safe ways to provide a safe, developable and flexible work structure that supports linking the entities included in a unified database, and providing ways to prove the identities of individuals and verify the data of the citizens and residents of data through the said entities’ applications based on the identity card.
VALIDATION GATEWAY An integrated system to manage electronic data encryption keys, aiming at providing digital services based on an advanced and accurate technology infrastructure to provide the service of confirmation and verification of the identity of the person or entity possessing a signature tool through electronic networks, on which are based all e-business works such as e-trade and e-government.
Identity Card PIN Number A number consisting of four digits, associated with the electronic identity, providing protection and confidentiality of the card, which the user can choose upon completing the registration process (fingerprinting and photography) in any of Emirates ID Authority customer service centers or re-configure by visiting one of Emirates ID Authority customer service centers.
Chip A smart electronic chip inside the identity card including the basic personal and biometric data of the ID holder, which are electronically readable in applications that require identity confirmation and authentication. Some of the said data is encrypted so that only relevant entities can read in order to protect the confidentiality and privacy of data.
Digital Identity It is the activation of the electronic identity applications using the public key infrastructure (PKI) which allows the issuance of digital certificates confirming the identity of the individual, so as to facilitate the provision of electronic services and support linking process with e-government in the state.
Civil Data The elements of the civil status of the individual related to the following: Date of birth, place of birth, marriage, divorce, citizenship, residence, death, religion, academic certificate, employment status.