The National Identification Authority wishes to inform the general public that, its online portal is temporarily unavailable for public usage.

The portal was meant to be launched formally when all the operational and technical components are ready, however, it was observed that after the Executive Secretary mentioned the existence of an online portal in an interview on Joy Fm, interest in its usage was aroused. Since then the site has seen unusual traffic occasioning its temporary shutdown.

The NIA appreciates the interest shown in the use of the online portal as an alternative to filling the registration forms at the registration centres and is working assiduously to restore the service.

It must be pointed out that an applicant who fills the registration form online will still go through the interview process at the registration centre. For the avoidance of doubt, we restate the registration process below:

Before a Ghana Card is issued, an applicant must go through the following steps:

    1. A registration official interviews the applicant and assists him/her to fill an application form with the required personal details. An applicant who fills the form online will only be interviewed.
    2. An MRW operator then keys in personal details of the applicant from the completed application form and scans any other additional documents (other institutional ID’s – SSNIT, DVLA, Voters ID etc.) that the applicant may have.
    3. The MRW operator also captures the applicant’s biometric data (fingerprint, iris & photograph) as well as his/her signature.
    4. A printed slip specifying the information captured is given to the applicant to confirm that the information captured is accurate before the card can be printed.
    5. The card is printed, after which the applicant is required to authenticate his/her fingerprints with a verification officer to render the card activated.

We apologize for any inconvenience caused.

Meanwhile the NIA has seen on social media the circulation of a link purporting to inform the general public “on steps to get your card at the office instantly” and thereby directing people to this link The Authority wishes to disassociate itself from this link and accordingly cautions the general public.


Issued by: Corporate Affairs Department,
National Identification Authority

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