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Executive Secretary's Message

As the Executive Secretary of the National Identification Authority [NIA] and also its Chief Executive Officer, it is my duty to keep and maintain the National Identity Register of Ghana in an electronic form for the purposes confined to matters of public interest.

This would require that a well-motivated, dynamic and capable work force is recruited and trained to be in a position to discharge this mandate.

It is my goal with the support of my very capable staff to present the NIA to the public as a Solid, Agile, Liberal and Energetic organisation, capable and ready to deliver an efficient, reliable and robust National Identification System [NIS]. This we believe would serve as a bedrock for the formalization of the economy of Ghana leading to its socio-political development. By this, Ghana can truly move from the dependency on aid to self-reliance.

The Ghana Card which would be issued to every Ghanaian living in Ghana and abroad and to qualified foreigners living in Ghana is state of the art and is the only identity document to be used for purposes of identification in Ghana. Hence the determination of the NIA to promote its usage.

The missing link in Ghana’s development matrix has been the Ghana Card which would finally be issued to all eligible persons through a Mass Registration programme which is to last for one year and subsequently followed by continuous registration in the Districts and Regions of the country. Designated Ghana missions abroad would also carryout Mass Registration and continuous registration afterwards.

I would like the NIA to be a capable, modern and forward-looking institution of State which attracts the best and talented minds, who would work in an environment which fosters creativity and innovation. This I believe would be possible if NIA is transformed from a Cost Centre to a Revenue Centre where part of the revenue generated could be used to build the kind of Institution we envision.

Our partnership with Identity Management System Ltd in delivering the Ghana Card and the NIS, I believe would be that catalyst which would position the NIA as a bench mark for other Identification Authorities on the continent and beyond.

My leadership of this great Institution would be driven by the principles of integrity and good governance.

Prof. Ken A. Attafuah